Cinda P.

I met Beckie Ballard about 10 years ago but personally never used her services until my mother had a severe stroke 4 years ago. I called Beckie when Mom was in the hospital and told her where the stroke occurred and asked if anything could be done. Beckie told me exactly what to do and how to do it. I followed her instructions and Mom was home in very good shape soon thereafter.

One year later Mom had another stroke but this time much more severe than the first one. She couldn’t swallow and had to have a feeding tube. They sent me a palliative care dr. to discuss options for Mom since she was not able to walk, focus or talk. They said she would probably be a vegetable and I should prepare for that. My mother was in the hospital 2.5 weeks before spending 3 months in rehab. The physical & occupational therapists gave up on believing Mom could make progress but the speech therapist kept pursuing her.

I called Beckie the day Mom entered the hospital for the second stroke and again, she walked me thru what needed to be done, this time for a different type of stroke. I kept calling Beckie and she kept working with me as Mom progressed. She had her feeding tube removed 7 weeks later as she was able to eat again. They considered that a miracle! No doctor expected Mom to make it and yet she has.

At 86 she now lives with us and is fairly independent. She uses a walker when she goes outside, can read & interact well with people and enjoys her great grandchildren. Mom is a far cry from the “vegetable” that I was told she would be. I thank God for the gifts He has given Beckie. She is intuitive, caring, highly skilled and listens to her clients’ needs. Her assessments are always accurate and produce phenomenal results. Without Beckie, I don’t know that Mom would still be here but I am thankful we have had the opportunity to work with her. I just wish everyone could!

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Cherith C.

Brain Gym is so helpful! I have two boys and have included Brain Gym is my wellness care for them over the last 2 years. I was introduced to Brain Gym when I was pregnant with my second child and was amazed that as I did the movements, I felt the baby moving inside me, almost as if he was doing them with me. Since his birth, I have noticed that his coordination and ability to observe things around him is significantly higher than others his age.

My eldest did not have Brain Gym while in the womb but every session he has with Becky, I have seen his emotional and physical being stabilize and improve over time. Becky gives us homework so when we implement that at home, it continues to encourage his growth.

Becky has helped our family with so many Brain Gym movements. I highly recommend her and her work. I’m amazed at what the human body responds to with careful, easy, and intentional movements. I encourage anyone to include Brain Gym as part of their wellness and preventative routine.

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